Gator vs. Python – neither wins
MIAMI— A python's eyes were apparently bigger than its stomach.
Scientists in Florida are puzzling over a Burmese python that scarfed down a six-foot alligator before its stomach ruptured.
They found the carcasses in an isolated part of Florida's Everglades National Park. Photos show the gator's hind legs and tail sticking out of the 13-foot snake's ruptured gut.
The Miami Herald reports scientists can't figure out how the snake got the critter down. The snake's head is also missing.
Experts say the clash is interesting, but it also shows the exotic snakes are competing with gators to top the food chain in the Everglades.
Park biologist Skip Snow says he's documented 156 python captures in the last two years.

Beer here, red hot beer
MEXICO CITY— Some brewers feel Americans may want their cold beer, hot.
A Mexican concoction called the michelada is heading north of the border.
It's a spicy beer mix, combing lime juice, sweet-and-sour spices, chile pepper, ice and a salted rim.
Many American tourists have developed a taste for michelada.
Now, the importer of Cornoa and other Mexican beer brands is doing a michelada promotion with American bars and restaurants.
There's even a do-it-yourself version, the MicheMix, for those who want to try it at home.

Wow, that stolen motorcycle looks a lot like mine
GREENVILLE, SC— Police officer Jeremiah Motz says he was shocked to see his stolen motorcycle in the back of a pickup.
The bike was stolen the day before from his apartment complex in Greenville, South Carolina.
Early Saturday morning, he saw his motorcycle in a truck driving through the complex.
Just to make sure, Motz checked the license plate and sure enough it was his.
The driver tried to make a getaway but didn't get far.
Officers say they busted two suspects in a local church parking lot.