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Thread: Furnace problem

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    we have a very old electric gas furnace that once it turns on the fan will not shut off. does anyone know what the problme might be. thanks for any help.

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    Could be the limit switch that controls the on/off fan function.

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    any suggestions on what to do with the limit switch to fix it.

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    It could be several things, and not only is it hard to diagnose over the net we're not allowed to do it anyway.

    Best bet is to call a pro and have them fix it. Most likely there's a reason that caused that problem, and a pro can fix that aswell eliminating the chance of the new part breaking soon too.

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    you are talking high voltage and a lot of differant controls here the best thing to do is call a pro and have it repared properly and serviced at the same time

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    Kick the side of it and see if it stops.
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    When was the last time you had that unit cleaned and inspected?

    Now you have a problem with the unit. Fuel costs are skyrocketing.

    So why not call in a professional to repair the unit? While they are there they can clean and inspect your unit to insure a safe living environment for you and your loved ones. Not to mention, having an efficient running system could save you more than the cost of the service.

    What's your safety worth? I'm guessing more than the repair bill.

    (we can't help DIY, due to site rules )

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    It could be as simple as your fan switch is in the "pull on" position.If there is a button on it, push it in.
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    You either have a sticking fan switch or you did like a lot of homeowners do, turned the fan setting on your thermostat to "On" instead of "Auto" when you turned your heat on. If you didn't do this, call your HVAC Pros.

    Inturmoil, if the "summer switch" you are referring to was in the on position, the fan will run until power is disconnected to it or the fan motor burns out, whichever comes first, not just when the heat is turned on. Most homeowners don't even know this switch exists.

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    Call a pro...before furnace go BOOM!

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