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    works on Rheem residental equipment have problems with the suction line accumulators leaking, and the indoor coil? ...or am i the lucky one here?,and if so i wonder why?....replaced a bunch this summer,and countless ones since i started working for present company....if you run up on a Rheem and its low,run your detek across the top of the accumulator and chances are it will go crazy....if not, pull coil cover and you should strike a cord here...just wondering if everybody agrees etc...

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    I have had a lot of evap leaks on the Rheem's but have never had an accumalator leaking.

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    I had a rash of them about five years ago, (coils) no Accumulaters.

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    Rare to see any brand around here with accumulator leaking. Maybe the comp quits before that happens!

    Almost no coil leaks on Rheems either.

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