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    I've been lurkung for a couple of days & this sems to be the place to get real answers.

    I have found a comparison sheet on the internet at

    I will ask companies to complete it when I start calling for quotes next week. If they complete the sheet I think it will be easier to compare apples-to-apples (as much as is possible). What other items should I add to this sheet?

    I am not sure whether I will replace my dinosuar forced air furnace or replace the AC with a heat pump. I may even replace everything. But I will also consider $$. So you can see that I need all the advice I can get.

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    Don't mean to sound disrespectul, but good luck getting a contractor to complete this form. A licensed, insured, quality contractor with quality references and a quality reputation should do you a good job.

    I would complete your questionaire, but only if you agreed to the $95 per hour it would cost for me to sit and do it.

    You are also using a sheet that is dated almost 10 years!
    How are you going to know whether or not the information on this sheet is correct?

    Again, no disrespect if I am mis-reading this, but I am suspicious whether or not this is a legitimate thread.
    Everyone has a purpose in life..........even if it's to be a bad example.

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    Originally posted by John Lloyd
    Don't mean to sound disrespectul, but good luck getting a contractor to complete this form. A licensed, insured, quality contractor with quality references and a quality reputation should do you a good job.
    I was thinking the same thing.

    I just didn't spend the time to put it in a reply.

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    To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must cultivate our personal life; and to cultivate our personal life, we must first set our hearts right.
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    Reminds me of a property company years ago that called once to have me go out and look at a condensor setting on the roof of a commercial bulding. I went out and looked , compressor was bad. I stopped by their office with the bid and gave them the price and they informed me to do bids with them I had to give them the replacement model # , Filter dryer # and amount of refrigerant and list of anything else possibly needed. I told them sorry I just give a price for total job. She complained that thats not how there boss does things. She complained that if I dont give that information then she would have to have the other companies go out and look, that she was going to call for competitive bids. I told her Yes they will, just like I did. A couple months later they had me look at unit in the basement of a commercial build. I showed up and another older tech I know from another shop was there. We both laughed and I asked him if he does much work for this outfit. He said he does most all their work. You could tell when you turned it on the bearings were gone. Now with about a 12' long enclosed blower section it would have to be torn down to see what was really going on. The owner walked in and asked me what its going to cost. I told him so much an hour plus material. He said no tell me a price, I told him it has to be torn down to tell and he said well go ahead and tear it down and see what it will take.I ask him what and then you will want a detailed list of everything and parts numbers it will take to fix it so you can have your secretary call around and get competative bids just like she wanted on that condensor on the roof of your other building? Told him only if he is paying for me to tear it down. He laughed and asked the older tech he usally what it will cost . The older tech told him the exact cost I quoted by the hour. The owner walked out mad and the tech asked me if I wanted to go out for cofee, at coffee he informed me that he felt stupid that he had been doing so much free work for that guy being he was always having him tear things down for free or running here and there and not having that cost into his prices. Now I was just a young kid at that time and didnt really know sqat but I did know enough not to do things for nothing. If they want all the information ......ok pay for it.
    This post remined me of that call

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    Sure, I'd fill out that silly form -

    if you paid me $200 or more. Why would you wanna know all that stuff anyway? It's not like you would understand any of that stuff.

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