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....I do have three questions for you, though: 1) There are 2 bundles of wires coming from the air handler and 1 bundle coming from the condensate pump. There are a total of 13 wire nuts on these bundles. I'm concerned that the wires are exposed. Should they be? The company said there's not enough room for them in the air handler??? The connections should be made inside of a covered electrical box. 2) The way the shut-off was installed really creates a problem for me - it was not installed on the main duct above the air handler, as the old one was but on the back of the housing for the air intake. There is a space between the air handler and the air intake housing. Behind there I keep a number of tall items, such as 1/4-round, fluorescent tubes, etc. Now I have to be extremely careful when removing anything, as all the wiring for the shut-off is draped across that area. Does this sound right to you? It might be right as far as code is concerned but it is not courteous or thoughtful to you. Talk to them. Say, "please". 3) Once the condensate pump shuts off, the pump housing may be empty of water but the drain line is still full of water. What will become of that water when I turn over to heat? Am I going to have to disassemble the drain line to remove the water? It will eventually evaporate leaving little residue...
Make sure that the city or county inspects the work. A permit is required so ask about this too. The disconnect should be easily accessible. The inspector would evaluate its location as it is a safety issue.

The company wants a happy customer, so talk to them about your concerns. "A little sugar makes the medicine go down".