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    The third floor units won't be pumping up. The floor of the thrid level is the same as the roof of the second level, so they won't be much different than a normal single family installation. And the fourth floor isn't my problem, however, part of the fourth floor is well under way now (they are the first tenants) and they fortunately installed on the windowless side.

    Mr Chill ... what we want to do is have the 1st and 2nd floor contractors modify their future installations. Normally they would install at the closest location for $xx. I don't care what that cost is, it will be paid by their respective homeowners. We want them to move the compresoor unit to a slightly remote location, and we are willing to pay the additional charge to run about 60-70 feet of additional freon and electrical. My concern is, they might try to overinflate the additional cost, so I am trying to get an approximate value of that portion.

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    800 to 2000

    Stlll just guessing!
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    Nobody can give you a valid quote without seeing the job. Prices vary from location to location.

    I don't think the closest location is the only factor a contractor uses.

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