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    I need information...I've been searching for information on a 16 month old combination (or packaged?) unit of gas forced furnace with 2 ton air conditioner combination. Located in Michigan.

    Are there a lot of problems with this type of unit? What are some of the problems early on?

    My condo is small -- the unit is upright in second bedroom closet to the exterior wall.

    The A/C started not to cool off my 700 sq. foot condo (second floor - carriage unit over garages) back in July. My electric bills went from 50 @ month to $200! It just ran and ran. Cleaned filter in August.

    I am in the field working in Washington DC and my daughter called me to tell me that the furnace isn't working in the Michigan condo.

    The package unit is new -- cost $2,597.00 to install May of 2004. The contractor gave 90 days labor and 1 year parts but isn't there a manufacturer warranty if something is really wrong with the unit such as blower?

    I don't know the model name yet but asked my daughter to do look it up and send to me.

    My receipt from the contractor read:
    BiR( ? sloppy handwriting) or RiR gas forced HWC furnace w/ 2 ton combination a/c system with gas line hook-up metal work electrical

    I am going to have to call someone to look at it, but I don't want to call the guy who installed it. Would like an objective opinioh.

    Any feedback is appreciated.

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    Why not call the company that installed it?Have they been out for other problems??

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    I feel your pain.

    Call the installing contractor and give him a chance to do it.
    Only 90 days labor?
    Have you had the annual inspection performed?
    Your in a condo association, They should have a list of contractors that they recommend.

    By the way NO PRICING

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    My daughter just called and it seems to be a Honeywell brand called
    HW/HWC Series Magic Pak through the wall series unit

    I had called the contractor who installed it when I noticed that the A/C wasn't cooling my place, and he said it may be the freon (sp) why it wasn't cooling. I had to leave for DC August 23rd, and I wasn't living there. Just figured I get it fixed later on.

    But, I asked my daughter to check the furnace yesterday and she said the blower doesn't turn on. I'm returning for Thanksgiving and don't want to have heating problems.

    So, I am going to call another licensed contractor to evaluate the problem since my trust factor with the original installer is zero. My parents live in the area and they are going to be there at appointment time.

    Recap: The A/C blower worked but wasn't cold. Now the furnance doesn't even come on. Could these problems be related or separate?

    Could the electric thermosat in the hallway be causing these problems?


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    Just found out it is made by Lennox not Honeywell.

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