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    Amana ASX18 dual stage


    I just had replaced my home central AC and Furnace with New Amana 4 ton
    18 SEER ASX18 and 95% AFUE GMVC95 Distinction Unit.
    AC stays at Stage 1 and does not go to stage 2. even after several hours.
    it gives the code flashing C1 and 12 alternate.
    once temp get cold enough and condensor stops the code come as F7
    Could any one tell me what is the fault?
    Thanks for the Help

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    You need

    to call your installer/service co. to check it for you. Anything you try to do on your own may void the warranties. Aside from checking the air filter, not much the average homeowner can do.

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    But can you tell me what these code means?
    C1 ---- 12

    and F 7

    I will appreciate it.

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    They are

    NOT fault codes. Telling you cfm blower setting for cooling 1st stage, 2nd stage, and continuous fan operation. If the system is not goiung into 2nd stage cooling as it should, you need to place a service call. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks a lot,

    What is code F 7 Means?

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