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    type 074-66 serial 77D. This has an 8" flue with damper made on it. Question is can it be reduced to 6" if I run a SS liner up the chimney 22' to the top? Want to go up the fireplace flue from the firebox. Only other choice is use the Carolina Pride I have with a 6" flue outlet on it. Just isn't as nice looking.
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    From your comments, I'm presuming that the manufacturer specifies that an 8" vent be used, and you want to know if the fireplace will work properly and safely if you change the installation specified by the manufacturer.

    The short answer is ----no. It's a safe bet that if the manufacturer could get the equipment certified by testing agencies to work with a smaller vent pipe, they would have done so.

    If you want to install it in violation of the manufacturer's recommendations and specifications, and accept the liability if it fails to vent properly and injures people or damages property, I guess you can do so if you wish.

    <<Just isn't as nice looking.>>

    Is appearance really worth the risks? I hope you decide that it is not.

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