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Thread: hvac school

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    I wish I'm headed in the right direction trying to become a tech because currently I'm in school for hvac. Any of you guys know why the teachers teach about theroy first and not hands on. Just wondering

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    Sure rookie. All the hands on in the world won't help you if you don't understand the way a system works,when it comes to correctly solving/fixing the problem. If you know the theory, you know why the system was doing what it was doing and why you replaced such and such part. Someone on here has this in their signature..." things are alot easier to fix if you understand how they work". hence the theory.
    If everything was always done "by the book"....the book would never change.

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    Thanks smokin 68

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    smokin68 is right also I would wonder if a lot of it isnt do to the cost for a lot of schools to compete with a school like ferris as far as having up to date equipment to learn hands on. Now take teaching theory, Does the school have as much money in that using a class room as compared to having a lab with set up equipment? How many other classes can you ues that theory class room for? just an opinion.

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