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    iceomatic evaporator plate separating

    I have a m#ice0606ha2, half cube with plates separating off evaporator face.
    Does anybody know a trick for repairing/reattaching plates,or am I forced to buy a new evaporator.This is for a non profit org repair and they dont have much money.price for new evap is about half of a new machine and it is about 7 years old.Thinking new machine is best idea after part cost and labor unless there is a trick.I am willing to donate my hours for repair.Thanks.

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    I usually remove the loose grid bar, on a half dice unit they probably won't notice the larger cube size. I've got a few w/ up to 5 missing bars to nurse a little more life out of them. Best advice is Hoshizaki.

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    Sorry should have been more clear.About 75 percent of plates are separating off of evap face.looking for a way to resolder or other procedure.having problems with freezing equally and ice not dropping during harvest.

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    I've had some luck tapping the grids (carefully) back into place, where they sometimes stay for quite a while. Like Codgy said, it's just to nurse a little more life out of the machine.

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    i wouldnt recommend spending money on new evap for a 7 year old machine, you can try to pound the plates back might get you by for now. Ice o matics seem to get alot of plate separation problems If money is tight it might be better to get a good used ice machine if they cant afford a new one. Refrigeration companies usually stock good used ones in their warehouses you should call around you migh get a good deal on one.

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    Thanks for the reply's.I have been trying for years to explain "penny smart and dollar poor" to this customer,But they pay their invoices and keep calling back.I give them the choice and explain the benefits of NEW compared to repaired but it always seems to be whatever is less expensive at the moment.thanks again.

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