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Go back to your fourth grade math class. 125,000 in and 100,00 out. Sounds like 80%.
Well gee, I'm not sure if this is meant for me or not. Prior to the post saying I could divide the numbers, they meant nothing to me, a homeowner. Then I had that post saying 80, which I went by. Until, that is, my local professional who is *bidding* on the job and actually looked at the furnace posted on this forum that its estimated efficiency is 60-63 based on the Preston guide. That means troyorr, you are calling one of two of your colleagues a liar, and me an idiot. I guess I can live with being called an idiot, but I'd be very interested to know which of the hvac pros are lying! Or "confused" if you prefer? Or is it a question of efficiency as new, versus efficiency at 30 years of age. What does *your* Preston guide say?

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