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fill in some information about you in your profile. We don't like diy's trolls here. you will have to call a professional.
Is this who I think it is?

Well my weblogs say the first visitor after putting my url in the profile was from Florida, if that helps. But several more have visted from Georgia, California and Connecticut. I'll refrain from offering anything more specific. Statcounter is a wonderful thing for those of you who have websites... and it's free.

Anyway, I appreciate all the input you guys have offered. I'll be spending some time reading up on those sites, and will download the calculator tonight. My wife recently did an excercise appraisal on our house so I'll have many of the measurements handy.

Of the folks I've called, the Bryant contractor and the Carrier/Trane (yep, that's what they carry) contractors both have sterling and long reputations in the area. The Rheem guy is less well known, but will try to check things out further if he seems a likely candidate.

I'll keep you posted and if I can get through the calculator tonight I'll post my results.

Thanks again!