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    Does anyone know of a LON controller that can dial a cell phone or pager through a phone line and display an alarm message. I understand that there a number of devices that send messages through a network using SMTP (iLON and TAC511)- please correct me if I am wrong.

    We have a number of buildings that are commercial office space that are occupied by several tenants. We work for the building owner and/or management company. The building engineer doesn't have excess to a network and is lucky to have anything more than a broom closet - if there is an engineer on site at all. Hopefully someone has an idea. I'd like to have a auto-dialer that can alarm from a snvt created in a programmable controller - chiller plant,RTU,AHU,pump controller,etc. I would rather not use an auto-dialer that is contact driven. If this type of device doesn't exist why not?

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    How about an ilon100 w/modem?

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    The reason there is not that many network options is cost.
    contact autodialer are around $100.

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    The TAC 511 can do this for you through SMTP. I haven't worked with the iLon 100 so I cannot speak on that but I'd bet it could do the same. You can set it up to email different people for different alarms. We have a few buildings were we have it page/email the bldg. engineers cell phone with alarms. Works pretty well for the most part but if it is critical we use a DO with a Silent Knight fire alarm dialer, as sometimes emails don't go through or there is a delay. Make sure you set it up with alternate mail servers so if one server is down it can use the alternate.

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    My understanding is that the iLON cannot use its modem for dialing out alarms. If it could that would be handy.If I'm wrong please let me know.

    I just don't understand why someone hasn't created such a device. TAC 901 can dial a Vista workstation with alarms but not cell or pager, Honeywell Building Manager can call a pager and leave a numeric code as well as dialing a LonStation Workstation, but it has alot of problems. I need to dial a cell or pager and leave a specific alarm - such as chiller plant failure or RTU_1 alarm.

    Any Ideas?

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    The ilon100 can definitely dial out when an alarm condition occurs. However, it's trying to connect with an ISP's SMTP server to send an email and/or text message (if the ISP supports that). Try posting your question on the Echelon iLON discussion forum - maybe someone has some experience with dialing out to pagers.
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    Well I stand corrected on the abilities of the iLON. I'll try to get more info.

    Thanks for the help guys

    Any other devices with this abilty?

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    i am not very familiar with LON products but i have used a proprietary protocol talking line of controls to do this. the limitation i ran into was that verizon was the only cellular provider that i found that could give me what i needed to make it work. nextel, sprint, at&t, cingular all told me they couldn't do it this way - only as an e-mail.

    the alarm messages are alpha-numeric {samples: "AHU-1 FrzStat Trip", "HWP-2 No Flow", "Power Failure ONAN Generator Started"}, date/time stamped, contain network name and node number of controller along with the numerical value of the input that triggered the dial out.
    the message comes to my cell phone as a text message, not an e-mail. same for a pager. works nicely. new problem is that i don't know how much longer verizon will continue to provide the toll free access number and this feature before forcing it to e-mail only, like the rest of the world - but i have been doing it since 2001.

    total price for hardware package i need to use {network interface unit & modem} is about $500. it's not LON so you're probably not interested but thought I'd throw it out there anyway.

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    With Nextel you can send a email to a phone, it will be recieved has a text message, see these FAQ's

    Of course things may change now that Sprint are involved !
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    i think he's trying to find a solution that doesn't require e-mail sent thru a server to an isp and out to the cell phone - just a "phone line" only solution, so to speak. just about every product out there today is capable of sending an e-mail to a cell phone as long as the router, gateway, "front end", server or whatever it's called has an internet connection. it's not the service provider, like at&t/cingular, nextel/sprint, etc. that's the problem. it's the process itself of getting the alarm message out - not as an e-mail but in another format (if that's the right term) that can go via phone line directly to a cell phone or pager, if i understand what smokies originally posted.

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