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Thread: Hey ya'll

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    Hey ya'll

    Hello everybody. After being away for a few years I am finding myself being drawn back into this mysterious yet magical field by some sort of invisible tractor beam or force field. Somehow or another I've been involved in HVAC/Refrigeration since the 1970's

    I am a semi-retired mechanical/manufacturing/electrical engineer (really) but have recently been asked to do some consulting on residential and small commercial systems less than 100 tons. I worked for many years as a design engineer for a Carrier Division that designed produced unitary airside products ranging from 1.5 ton to 50 tons. That eventually led to a stint as a national service engineer flying around the country fixing the crap we (me included) screwed up at the factory. My specific product was/is known as a unit ventilator and we built them from 500 cfm units to 2000 cfm units. And in case anyone cares there is a very good reason they are rated in airflow and not thermal capacity. These units are commonly found in schools, hospitals and other institutions. Thay can be configured as 2 pipe or 4 pipe chilled or hot water, steam, direct expansion with heat pump option or resistance heat.

    While at Carrier we got involved in some the very first building automation systems using dial-up internet. (Do they still have that?) We were also pioneers with G.E. to implement some of the first widespread deployments of ECM's and ICM's as prime air movers in constant velocity OR constant torque applications. Our work at the factory covered all aspects of design and testing from the thermodynamics, electrical control schemes and motor design, airflow and static pressure testing to sheet metal design and fabrication. Also in the engineering equation are sound testing and vibration analysis. We also did the ARI, UL, ETL CSA certs as well the EER and SEER ratings. Thank God for modern software to make all that whoop-te-doo much easier than if I had to use a slide rule.

    Prior to all that I spent about 15 years doing all flavors of service and installation on resisdential and commercial systems. I see a lot of flat out mis-understanding, mis-information and stuff that's just flat ass wrong. I recently moved to the Houston, TX area and some of the installations I've seen so far are at best comical. By coming here I hope I can share my knowlege and learn some stuff along the way.

    I consider these types of forums as an absolute treasure trove of information. I belong to a few others that involve boating and a few other hobbies and the knowlege base is immense.

    Thanks guys, looking forward to gettin' to know ya!

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    Welcome here!

    Yes there is a huge amount of knowledge available when you get thousands of pros together!

    Don't forget to apply for pro membership, that's where all the technical talk happens.
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