Use of mini split HP and Rinnai gas
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    I live in a poorly insulated older house in eastern Virginia. I'd like to replace my window unit AC and Empire gas wall furnace with a mini-split heat pump and a Rinnai 556 to back it up when the temperature gets below 30F. Any potential problems with using them in combo? Ground floor is only about 550 sq. ft. Thanks.

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    sanyo makes or made at one time a heat pump that had a gas fired outdoor section. never saw one but it sounded like a good idea. might want to check on that. not sure of model gas heater but if unvented i would not use, hate unvented heaters and fireplaces.

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    I hope the Rinnai is direct vent. I don't think Sanyo offers that model anymore, it's off their web site.

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    gas fired outdoor section, how did that work?

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    The outdoor condenser had a gas ribbon burner to heat the unit so that the heat pump continued to work well below freezing. Guess it's kind of wasteful using both electric and gas while loosing BTU's to the great outdoors. But it keep the exhaust outdoors, like a package unit.

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