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    What are some instances you would want acknowledged? I can see life safety and security but I would be interested in hearing what other guys make acknowledged and why? All I really deal with is HVAC and a little lighting.
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    I would think that the exception would be Unacknowledged or Repeated Unacknowledged for control. Using lighting and HVAC as examples, you would want a lighting controller to acknowledge a receipt of a switch event. For HVAC, you would want an acknowledge of a Tenant Local Override event from a smart sensor.

    An example of something that I could see surviving just fine on Unacknowledged might be outside air temp updates. If you miss one, will you ever miss it? Repeated Unacknowledged, if I remember right, is similar to the regular Unacknowledged but it peppers the network with a few of the same message, figuring at least one of them will get through.

    The ability to set transmission tactics based on need is pretty cool, I think.

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    I'd use Acknowledged where you have a non-group connection (1 to 1 which results in 2 packets per update) or where you want to monitor the health of a connection. If the ACK doesn't get back to the sender after a configurable number of retries the sender will log a communication error (timeout) in the neuron error log.
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