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    Got a no cool today.
    As I walked over the steep roof (not nessessary in Pheonix) I could not hear the fan running and assumed a bad condenser fan motor.

    Bad. But not seized. The fan blade fell off. The motor lost a seal and oil dumped out. Somehow the set screw couldn't hold and the blade fell off and was bent to hell. Luckily it didn't bust a hole in the little lines on the RV that it banged against!

    Blade bent to ****.
    One blade bent one way. One bent the other.

    I've had LOTS of practice fixing "out of balance" Goodman fan blades. the funny thing with Goodman's is that getting a NEW fan blade (a genuine GOODMAN fan blade) is sometimes just as bad as the old fan blade. I don't like fetching a blade. installing it. Then needing to go back and getting ANOTHER blade to try.

    So I started balancing them Goodman fan blades by HAND and got much better results than getting a new fan blade from a Goodman distributor.

    (The closest picture you will ever see of me. I'm as stealth as Tim the Toolman's neighbor!)

    After geting the blades looking CLOSE to normal with pliers/hand seamers, I use my trusty long t-stat screwdriver (yes, that's my t-stat screwdriver) to align the blades.

    First i align one edge of the blade. Then line up the other adjusting pitch/angle all by eye.

    Well. Some biatch. I pulled off them weights. Aligned by eye. And was dead on the first try today!!!!

    Got to love that ****e!
    The quietest and smoothest Goodman fan I heard in a while!

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    In commercial refrigeration, that problem is common, and I refer to it as a technician induced failure.

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    The only OEM fan blades I stock are the ones for Goodman. It is so common.

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    Originally posted by Nevada

    The only OEM fan blades I stock are the ones for Goodman. It is so common.
    You carry the OEM fan blades for Goodman bought from the Goodman dist.? Or just universal ones?

    I haven't bothered to buy any blades from Goodman in two years or so. But I THINK I actually saw them start to come in BOXES rather than shipped loose, getting more bent than the one you are changing out!

    Leave it to Goodman. they always find the CHEAPEST and WEAKEST metal such as their fan blades.

    When I change a OD fan motor on a Goodman. I am CAREFUL when pulling the fan, as they bend so easily.

    You don't have that problem with a Trane or even a Lennox.

    Goodman is just CHEAP ****. Plain and simple.

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    Originally posted by PaysonHVAC
    rather than shipped loose, getting more bent than the one you are changing out!
    Kinda like the heat exchangers for GMP furnaces they just pile up loose on a pallet and wrap shrink wrap around to ship to the distributor.
    I needed one recently and had to go back in the warehouse with the guy and cull through the pile for one that wasn't bent to hell. Felt like I was at Home Depot looking for the straightest 2x4...
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    Just goes to show how many Goodman units really are out there the Payson get to work on so many. Seeing that Goodman has one of the lowest rates of parts vendor returns in the industry that means that for every Goodman unit Payson *****es about there are thousands more up and running with no problems.

    Also, without Goodman it sounds like Payson would have no work. I wonder why we don't hear from other Arizona techs about all of these problems?
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    I would think that the blades are not made by Goodman but purchased for their units. Possibly made to their specs but made by someone else nonetheless.

    Good job balancing and trimming the blade but I would still go back with a new one. Just get an aftermarket LAU blade to match the one you need.

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    I can't believe you guys stay in business Payson. How can you afford to have a camera man follow you around?

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    Must be Lau blades like i see on Masterbuilt Refrigeration, usally the blade cracks and pokes the condenser coil.
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    Looks like alot of nice pools there to either take a dip in or provide a view. At least that Goodman comes stock with a coil guard, unlike our Carriers. Easier to replace a fan blade than a coil.
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