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    I'm trying to help a friend rewire a zone damper system. He currently has two tstats with a switch in the basement hall to select either heating/cooling or fan. Very hokey system. The upstairs tstat is like a t87. Basically has temp setting only. Downstairs is a conventional electronic tstat. But you have to set the switch in the basement hall on either heat or cool. He wants to be able to control the damper in the ductwork directly from the tstats thus eliminating the hallway switch. I can't find any wiring literature on honeywell site or web. Any ideas???

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    I don't understand your post. Does he have a Honeywell zone controller? If so, I don't understand the switch in the hall. If he doesn't have the controller, his best bet is to purchase a zone system and install it. The directions in the box are pretty clear about the wiring.


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    I think what he is talking about is

    On MM-2, and 3s, Zone1 tstat set to be a single point of changeover for all zones. This eliminates opposite calls from other zones. ( MM-2 does not handle them well anyway. )

    Soooo, the I guess the switch is plain H - C.

    Do you really need a wiring diaglam for that?

    MMs now replaced with EMMs ( e.g. EMM-2, EMM-3 ). I would dump MMs and replace it with EMM. They (EMM-3)s sold on e*ay for $18.

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    the switch in hall can be eliminated, by routing the wires to the "master" t-stat which can determine the "heat" vs. "cool" modes. The T87 is a slave stat dependant upon the mode set by either "master stat" or hall switch.

    For a true zoning system check into Arzel - they work with all major brand equipment *except* those using USB technology; i.e., Carrier Infinity.

    Check out HoneyWell's Conventional Zoning here.

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    Thanks for the replies. Very helpful. The item I wanted a wiring diragram for is the Mastertrol minizone Model
    MM-2. I believe that's the master controler with the 4 relays in it. The stats and the dampers are wired through that.

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