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    Question waterfurnce or Hydron module?

    I am trying to decide what OEM to purchase I have narrowed down
    the field (what seems to be available in Michigan ) to Envision nd064
    and Hydron hxt060 any one have a feel who's got the better product
    price seems to be almost the same, both contractors say theres are better

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    While we are a GeoComfort/Hydron Module dealer and a BIT biased.... Your decision should come down to who the best contractor is.


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    How can you tell a good contractor from a bad one, I don't think the refferances the
    contractors provide would be bad one's and the job sites they provided me with, all look
    good to a home owner like me. both contractors seem to have the same acredations
    checked the bb and both have no complaints. any independent contractor review board
    I can check with?

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    I have not done a Hydron system, but have a lot of experience with WaterFurnace.

    As Bergy said, there is very little difference in the two manufacturers in my opinion. Subtle differences at best.

    The important thing is the installing and servicing contractor. Ask around. Ask for references that you can talk to and go visit. Take your time with this decision. It is very important. Beware of the lowest bidder.

    Good Luck.

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    I see most mfg are giving a labor allowance as part of there warrenty does
    this typically cover the actual cost if something go's wrong with the unit or is there
    a addtional cost passed on by the installer ?

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    If the part is under warranty, the manufacturer will provide the part at no cost and provide a few dollars to the installer to cover their labor time. In my experience, the labor allowance value doesn't usually cover the hourly rate of the installer. You may be billed for the difference. It's worth discussing.

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