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    A variety of circumstances conspired to get me interested in HVAC. Being a custom home builder in my previous life I had pretty much given up finding a knowledgeable and responsible contractor to handle our new work to spec, so I started by learning how to bend metal and do some relatively simple design myself. I imposed on an old friend who was retiring from the biz to lend a hand and help finish installing the hardware. Worked out O.K., more work for me, but I never had the time to devote to becoming a legitimate tech.

    Now retired myself and busier than ever. A friend in the liquidation biz gets a lot of window units and small consumer frig gear and has no one to service or trouble shoot, so that seemed like a good excuse to learn some more and hopefully make a few shekels. Coincidentally I was shopping for a vacuum pump to use for de-gassing poured silicon/urethane molds as well as resin infused fiberglass projects, so I found myself in need of some quality vacuum and monitoring tooling. Lastly my partners and I own a handful of properties that never seem to run out of maintenance issues (one's a Master Electrician and the other a Master Plumber), so I thought it was time for me to learn something more to contribute than just design and pounding nails. Look forward to learning more and eventually earning some credentials.

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    Welcome here!
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