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Thread: Schedule

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    8:00 Am, Residential call no heat, for a special customer.Sounds like a dirty sensor. 15 miles

    8:30 AM Drive around for a while, probably come home and check this site out. 28 miles

    2:30 PM Appointment with insulation contractor. 7 miles

    2:45 PM Headed home.May or may not do some DDC programming.Depends how frustrating the days work was.7 miles

    Whats your schedule look like ?

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    6am LEAVE work.

    630- 7am get home wake kids for school Sleep

    930 am wake up for school

    1030 am leave for school

    1130am get to school

    3pm leave school

    4pm..home sleep

    8pm get up for work

    9pm leave for work

    1000pm shift starts.

    Except Tuesday night I'm off that night and no school Friday, Saturday or Sunday......on the week ends do honey do list.
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    m-t-w 6am up and out the door in 15 min.
    4-5pm finish work
    4-5pm got to work without stopping home ("flip house")
    10pm - 12 am ??? get home kiss wife, shower, fall asleep

    th-f-up at 7:45
    8:30 take kids to school
    thursday works same as above after kids goto school
    fri off by 300 to pick up kids

    sat and sun 10- 18 hrs at "flip house"

    flip house just started this week and should only last a month or so

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    7:30 arrive at work, make agenda for install& service meetings. Check answering service.

    7:45 Installation meeting

    7:55 Service meeting

    8:00 Turn on phones. Open front door.

    8:01 WW III begins. Who the freak knows what will happen?

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    7:30am Physical therapy appt courtesy of work comp, aka back massage by hot therapist

    8:45am back home for the day, raining hard and supposed to for the rest of the day, I think Ill take a nap

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    Originally posted by dhvac
    get home kiss wife, shower, fall asleep

    dhvac: Whats wrong with the wife that after you kiss her you become drowze and have to shower?

    Oh I'm usually up at 5-5:30 to walk the dog then off to work for 6:30-7 and finish whenever that is, almost never before 3:30-4:30. Lately been doing this six days a week.
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    8:45 woke up, took a dump.
    8:47 got coffee.
    8:50 started a load of wash.
    8:52 checked e-mail gave my boy some advice on buying a home in Vegas.
    9:15 went to a web site, gave a guy golfing tips. Poor bastard.
    9:25 came here and goofed off.
    9:45 took another dump, more coffee.
    10:02 typed on this web site what my schedule was.
    10:03 put wash in dryer.
    I'll let ya know how the rest of the day goes later on.
    Wait it's 10:04 now.....
    10:05......where the hell does time go anyway?
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    Similar to Dice, with less dumps

    8:00 morning coffee. Watch Scooby Doo with daughter while surfing internet on laptop.
    8:40 Take daughter to school
    9:10 Free breakfast at wholesalers.
    10:30 arrive at office
    11:30 Leave office for free lunch at wholesalers
    1:00 Arrive back at office. Watch the news.
    2:30 Leave for appointment for fireplace and furnace at regular contractors house.
    3:45 Accept beer at same place so I don't appear rude.
    5:00 Home.

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    12:37......... just are lunch, oh oh, guess what's next...yep....another dump. Be right back.
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    How can you "Take" a dump? As for me I leave it behind!

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    Slacking off right now
    630 drag myself out of the fart sack
    645 same as above
    646 take a leak then shower
    7 00 get dressed
    705 eat breakfast and read news paper ignore wife yammering
    730 say good by to wife and kids
    first job
    8 am meet maint guy and take details for maint quote
    11 am meet sales rep take delivery of water sourcew hp and talk shop
    12 30 meet boss for coffee wit hsales rep and talk shop
    130 go to site and do more maint quoting
    230 go home and email quotes to office
    3pm call suppliers for pricing on stuff
    330pm go on this site and noodle around while watching kids for wife - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

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    Originally posted by HeyBob

    How can you "Take" a dump? As for me I leave it behind!
    That last one you left, was it's name Remis by any chance?
    Hey cockroach, don't bug me!


    Bring Em Home....

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    Howell, Michigan
    Naw.........that was gruvn or Gusm, Thero et al trying to mess with us.

    Not very SMART huh?

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