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    Originally posted by Chad711
    As far as the water running into the exchanger, I know on some RUUD furnaces and Munchkin boilers I put a Y and a in the intake. Not sure what you would do with the exhaust...
    You can do the same thing, just make damn sure you trap the drain line!

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    Originally posted by MikeJ
    Originally posted by MikeJ
    Originally posted by t527ed
    [i]Originally posted by MikeJ

    On the vertically vented unit, can you leave the exhaust go up the chimney and move the intake to another part of the building?

    do NOT do this on a pulse furnace. intake and exhaust must be in same pressure area. 12" max seperation. pressure switch would cause problems

    My bad, your right. I was thinking of the condensation buildup in such a verticle intake and trying to eliminate that. Don't you mean 12" min seperation? I've seen a few Pulses having recirculation problems. They don't like eating their own gases. [/B]

    look at a side by side termination, pipes only about 3" apart, exhaust longer of pipes. recirculation problems were mainly on older systems with individual terminations these were installed further apart and led to problems. 12" is max

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