Ok, I have this unit md# Huminiod B -21. over the past three years the unit has been showing signs of speratic operation, I have check with manufacture and was adviced to re-boot the operating system. My only problem is I don't have the right size conection tool. Standard residential adapters are no longer avalable for this model.

We've changed energy sourse several times, no good. Other specialest have worked with the unit and they did not get any better results.........

So what do ya do with a Huminoid B-21 that does not respond to programing. Its foot print is growing in lower section of the building, would like to see the unit relocated to allow better access, and operation for other specialest.

I have delt whit the unit since it was installed. it is only recently that I am having so much trouble with it.

Any takers ???? !!!!!

Now this tread may get me in trouble, but I figure its time for little difrent angle of things, just because I am alive and it seems like some thing to do to relive my stress level......... and in my condition, relieving stress is very good for me...........

any one figure out what this pondering old man is blabbing about ?????