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    If the house was built in the late 1950’s or in the 1960’s it is probably either a “Remcon” or a “Touch Plate” system. The Remcon had a combination latching relay and transformer that was mounted in the box at the light itself. The Touch plate system had the transformer and latching relays mounted in a central control panel and the 120 volt circuits was pulled from the control box to each individual light.

    Do a Google search on Remcon or Touch Plate (if it is not either one of these systems Google- low voltage lighting controls) and you will probably find all the information you need.

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    The house I am talking about I think had a Remcon. My friend took the system out. I remember it having a master control on the breaker panel wall that had solenoid looking switches

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    Most low voltage systems are either touch plate or remcon systems. replacement parts are expensive. There are relays mouted in the light fixture box then low voltage wiring run to the switches. One solution is to run romex for the light box to the switch and install a new box a 120 volt switch. don't forget to disconnct the low voltage wiring

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