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Thread: Is it wrong...

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    Is it wrong...

    That I'm excited gas is below $4.00 a gallon?
    It's all part of the governments master plan, raise it to $3.99 and then lower it a few dimes, we'll look like hero's. BS, it should be $1.50 a gallon!

    3.39 Sam's Club 915 W. Marketview Dr. Champaign Sun. 06/26/11 06:27PM
    3.39 Mobil / with car wash University & McCullom Urbana Mon. 06/27/11 06:37AM
    3.48 mobil prospect & bloomington rd champaign Mon. 06/27/11 07:44AM
    3.49 BP Philo & Colorado Urbana Mon. 06/27/11 06:35AM
    3.49 Mobil University & McCullom Urbana Mon. 06/27/11 06:37AM
    3.49 Marathon University & Wright Champaign Mon. 06/27/11 06:37AM
    3.55 Marathon Philo & Flordia Urbana Mon. 06/27/11 06:36AM
    3.55 Marathon Vine & California Urbana Mon. 06/27/11 06:36AM
    3.55 Freedom Vine & Illinois Urbana Mon. 06/27/11 06:36AM
    3.55 Schnucks Vine & Main Urbana Mon. 06/27/11 06:36AM
    3.59 Casey's Market St Paxton Mon. 06/27/11 06:54AM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Senior Tech View Post
    BS, it should be $1.50 a gallon!
    Never happen. I bet you a tank of gass with a max of 25 gallon that we will never see gas below $2.00 a gallon again.

    $3.48 in my area.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NY2GA01 View Post
    Never happen. I bet you a tank of gass with a max of 25 gallon that we will never see gas below $2.00 a gallon again.

    $3.48 in my area.
    I'd just about be comfortable saying we'll never see under 3 again. Consumers have already shown a willingness of paying north of 3's not going down. When it popped near 4 bucks a gallon around here a couple years ago there were droves of people driving 55mph on the highway instead of 70 this time around I hardly see anyone doing that. We used to see signs in back windows (I'm driving slow because I'm saving gas") more. America isn't the only big game in town anymore...China is buying nearly as much gas as the good ole USA so their is no incentive for Big Oil to get squeezed for lower prices.
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    As a country Canada exports gas....
    Today, everyone was happy that gas was down to $1.18 per liter. ($4.46 per US gallon)
    There is something very wrong. The government is making over 26% per liter in taxes and 13% on the total....Yep tax on to love it.....

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    Big today only $108.35 to TOP up my van at $1.18 / Litre and the PRICE is going back up.

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    this my "Conspiracy theory"

    Every 3 to 4 years (it may come down to 2-3years) the gas companies will "spike" gas prices.

    Lets go back a few years and see what has happened

    In 2003 gas was what? $1.85/gal, then it spiked to $2.50 or so and then the public was delighted that it retreated to $2.00

    a couple years later the price of gas went to $3.00-$3.50/gal and we the public were delighted when it retreated to $2.50-$2.75

    now gas spiked to $4-$4.50 and how happy are that we are at $3.50 ($3.85 here)

    this pattern will continue for the next 10 years till we are paying $7.00/gal

    This is my theory, but if you look at the pattern, it's valid

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    Spare a thought for us poor folk in Scotland! It costs 6.08 for a gallon of diesel here, or 5.94 for petrol. Thats about $9.73 and 9.50 respectively!!! Horrific. Good job my car does 70mpg and my van about 50ish (when I behave!)

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