I have been reading alot here and I will try to be as detailed as possible, so please don't flame the nubie if I miss something...well nevermind flame away LOL. My father is HVAC certified, but has not worked alot in the field. His friend has been doing commercial installs forever and is also certified, but neither has done a dual fuel install so I wanted to make sure I had as much information as possible. First my set up.
Location: Ohio
Manufacturer: Goodman
White Rogers 1F95-371

1. My compressor has a big blue sticker that says Powered by Copeland Scroll, yet the Goodman website says the CLJ3-1 does not have a scroll compressor.

2. The White Rogers thermostat allows for 3 stage heating. The HP will, of course be stage 1, and the furnace stage 2. Should I allow the control board in the furnace control the 2nd stage of the furnace or the thermostat?

3. The CAPF036B2C has a flowrater system, how does this differ from a TXV?

I am sorry for so many questions on my first post, but from reading, the install means everything and I want to make sure we get everything right. Thanks in advance.