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    My husband and I are adding an addition to our home in Delaware. The original structure is a mobile home that has an addition already added. It is using an oilpak heating and a/c unit for the structure now. We are adding a mastersuite 19X22 to the structure. Everyone we have discussed this with says we need a separate unit for the new addition because it is too far from the origional main duct. Several options have been discussed. Another furnace and a/c just for that room. a heatpump and air handler or a mini split unit.

    I know pretty much about the standard equipment as I work for York International, but I am not very familiar with the min split. Does anyone have any comments either in favor or against using the mini split? It appears to be a less expensive option but if it's not reliable or doesn't do the job the price difference won't mean much.

    Thanks for your input.

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    Mini splits are a good choice for an addition. it will let you control what temperature you want in your room, without affecting the other rooms. Sounds like a good idea to me. Make Sure to have a manual J load calculation done. And remember, the unit will only be as good as the person who installs it.


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