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    westinghouse chiller/drayer hanson coils

    I am chief enineer for a ca based hotel that is using a two pipe chiller system
    It is using a westinghouse chiller Model PB030WIR with individual room coils by drayer-hanson Model LRC300B - any info as to flow rates-gpm would be greatly appreciated


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    Just a rule of thumb. For a 2 pass(supply and return on the same end of barrel) 10 deg chiller about 2gpm/ton. Estimate by pipe size. Use pump data.

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    drayer-hanson coils

    does anyone have info on drayer-honson coils model LRC300B
    any help ?????

    as near as we can tell manufactured around 1968 ???

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    2 Pipe ?

    DMJacin- I need a clarification when you say a 2 pipe system; Do you mean that the same 2 pipes carry chilled water when it's hot out and heating hot water when it gets cold or do you mean there are only 2 pipes for chilled water to the hotel rooms all year long. There were many manufactures that have gone by the way side since 1968 (43 years ago) I'm sure without looking you have plugged coils and non-operating valves throughout this system. As you are saying Westinghouse the for runner of McQuay Inwould assume the chiller is R-12 and dates back to 1968 also.-GEO
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    Those Westinghouse chillers were designed to last forever, well it seemed like forever. The older guys from mcquay remember them.
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