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    I bet you made some jaws drop with that last post!


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    I bet that was the look on your face at work that day! LMAO

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    As I recall, I think I actually fell out of my chair!

    We better stop this - we are going to have lots of gossip going around! I have a reputation to think about!

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    Hell we be lucky if the post even exists after tonight.

    See ya on the flip side!

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    Sorry for hijacking your post James, but just think about...

    It could be the post that outlasts Dice's 9mm post!

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    I remembe rthe pic,

    Maybe not blue eyes, (I am color blind ) but there was no mistaking the smile and pretty face,

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    Originally posted by bwal2
    Originally posted by James 3528
    ... Paris Hilton looks like a possum
    You got something against 'possums?
    I think his point is that he would not put something of his "against" possums

    Seeing that they have the most teeth of any North American mammal, I don't think getting real involved with possums is a great idea either.
    Government is a disease...
    ...masquerading as its own cure…
    Ecclesiastes 10:2 NIV

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    Man I figured this was going to be 10 pages long by now...

    I guess no one wants sloppy seconds!

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    So one one actually watched the crack head movie?

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    That video was so bad (I only watched maybe 1/2).... it had to have been produced with sucky UEI equipment!

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