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    DIY Conversion Chest Freezer To Chiller Project

    I am an inventor that has a fairly extensive background in HVAC and want to build a Chiller Reservoir System.
    The goal is to achieve the same results as the manufacturer requests on a device, 1/4 HP minimum.
    Now if I buy a 14 Cubic Foot Freezer and fill it with water, pump the supply via an external supply pump, keep the run short etc I would Tend to Believe that it would handle the load.
    I am not good at load calculations...

    I am also toying with an old water cooler or an old mug cooler or other commercial equipment. Problem is that I MUST discharge the BTUs outside of the building so air cooled is an issue


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    You didn't tell us what your load is (how many BTUs) so there is no way we can answer your question. Using a chest freezer as a chiller as you described won't work.

    Why don't you just buy a small chiller instead of trying to reinvent the wheel?

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    Problem with chiller carrier

    I have a 19xl chiller carrier sharing load with another one, when is alone don't make surge and when is sharing load and start to increase load then begin to make surge, I will appreciate any suggestion

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