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    We are picking up many sites that use the Carrier CCN system to operate RTU,s and V.A.V,s
    The Pilot interface saves time by not rquiring a laptop

    I notice a Network control module.nice web page, that uses a three wire comm bus (simular to Johnson

    Carrier makes a Bacnet/Lontalk converter
    is it possible to connect an N-30 and some Johnson UNT,s
    to this bus
    What is the protocol that Carrier uses.
    Is their structure simular to Johnsons version of Bacnet
    Objects with characteristics and levels of command priorities
    I know that they use the BEST language to configure their system
    Does their web site go into detail

    Thank You

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    Saves time on programming??? This thing is about as clumsy as it gets. The software if you can get it is great. They are developing a new service tool as we speak!

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    Carrier's communication trunk is a proprietary RS-485 system. It will not talk directly to any other vendor's system without adding a gateway or translator to the system. It can talk with JCI using a datalink/dataport, but that is an expensive way to do this. You can setup a CCN-Web, and view the system through any web browser, it's fairly cheap (should be under $1200), and takes very little setup. They also offer a lon gateway, bacnet/modbus gateway, and a Tridium driver. You can connect the CCN devices to other systems, but bringing other systems in to Carrier is very hard. I've done it a couple of different ways, if you want to do something like this, let me know and I can advise.

    Best ++ is a custom programming language that Carrier uses, it can be used to control a unit, but the built-in algorithms that come in the programmable controllers do handle most needs.


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    Would I still need a Metasys integrator module in addition to a Dataport?
    And if I were able to communicate with a Facilitator would the data be presented in the form of a webpage as oppose to ProComm
    We have a few sites that contain both vendors,from the way it seems I still would have to connect seperately to each vendors system using
    a web browser or ProComm Plus


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    Yes, you would still need a Metasys integrator. The integrator/dataport brings the data out of ccn as ascii, it's pretty crude. Not sure on the ProComm issue. It may be a little way down the line, but Johnson has partnered with Tridium, and will be offering a Niagara AX based system, using it you should be able to have both systems under a common front end. Richards Zeta has done some Johnson integrations with their Mediator, you could use that and a Carrier Baclink and bring both systems as Bacnet into pretty much any front end you want.

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