I'm working on a strip mall suite around 1200 sq. ft in size. It's sandwiched in between a dry cleaner and a pizza shop. This one story suite has little if any insulation above the drop ceiling and a HOT and HUMID basement (due to the cleaners machines I'm assuming),with no insulation in the floor. They have a 2 ton 410A condenser, a 2.5 ton coil, sitting on top of a York TG(8,L)S060A12MP11 furnace. The heating load is o.k. but the cooling is undersized. The owner does not want to insulate the structure. So with 0 insulation the load is 44,000 btu's of cooling. How can I get 1600 cfm out of that furnace, so I can install a 4 ton coil/condensor. Will installing a 1/2 or 3/4 hp rescue motor with the existing 8x10 blower wheel do it? Thanks in advance for any info.