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    Fedders installed 6 months ago. Two units one up and one down. Still under warranty but it is Sunday night and I will wait to talk to the installer company on Monday. Not fair to bother him on his days off.

    Got home today from a long weekend. Downstairs was HOT. This is what I did (alls I can do):

    checked theromstat settings = good
    checked to see if outside unit running = no
    filter = good/clean
    circuit breakers = all on and not popped
    air handler = running

    My wife said what is wrong? I don't know. When this happened to the other upstairs unit he had to replace the condenser.

    Any ideas (and no I am not going to tinker with it at all it is under warranty) Just wondering.

    I also wonder if this is the quality of the goods we can expect from the PRC People's Republic of China!!

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    this is the very reason there are warranties. Rather than have one of us try to diagnose the unit / system sight unseen, call the installing contactor out and have them provide the service. Good luck. p.s. you are good not to try to tinker with it. For one thing, you might inadvertently void your warranty.
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    Well, you checked the obvious items.

    To answer your question would be damn near impossible without doing some testing.

    Best to address your concerns with them when they come out to find the problem.

    If they find out you have yet ANOTHER condenser failure, I would definitely want to know WHY! (As it could be install related, might not be as well)

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    I have not heard good things about these units other than the price,but free egg roll with heater\air purchases may catch on.
    It's NOT the BRAND,it's the company that installs it!!!!!

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    it's tough to say w/o running test, was there bad weather that weekend. i have installed numerous fedder units and find they are pretty good systems,easy to work on and fedders is a division of goodman, they have a good warranty.

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