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    If there was a way for you fellows and young ladies to get into a investment of a lifetime you would want to know about it wouldn't you? Well there may be a way for you to do just that.

    I happen to be in pocession of some rare pocket protectors never to be reproduced. You would like to own one of these wouldn't you?

    Becuase I happen to own 2 of these I am willing to break up the set and send you one for only $20.00. (at this price I am forced to add $5. for postage and handling.)

    You don't want your pocket thermometers,pens and pencils falling on the ground when you bend over. Act now before I change my mind.


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    its amazing that they have been for sale for over an hour and you still have them lol

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    Damn, for a Northerner you sure got that capitolism thing down, don't you... That's like 800% markup!

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    Those look familiar?

    Oh I know. My dad had the same ones back in the early 70's when he was a tv repair man. He actually lived off of Shlitz beer, and died from Lone Star. My mom told me he would get off work and drink a 24 pack before bed everyday. Pretty sad life, but I guess Korea did it to him.

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