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Thread: Free Ice Cream

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    Free Ice Cream

    The ice cream man in the White House is desperate for votes,since his domestic policy has fallen flat on its face.

    The Senate could not get the Dream Act passed last year so in steps the Big O and just bypasses Congress and wham bam signs it by executive order.

    He slips it under the radar and the MSM does not pick up on the story.

    This should make Wall Street very happy with the creation of more capitol from loan debt and a high default rate on loans.

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    Sounds like a good idea to me.

    What they are doing is this....

    We have so many illegals in this country right now that there is absolutely no way this country can round them all up...prosecute them...and send them back to mexico.

    The memo has issued some "guidelines" to immigration people that is saying that they should be more focused on prosecuting and deporting the dregs of the illegal population.......the drug dealers, the gang bangers...the welfare getting deadbeats who wont work....

    And give a break...or at least...not focus on...those that are pretty much assimilated into american culture

    We dont have a magic wand we can wave to make these folks dissappear....and no matter what anyone tells you....the usa doesnt have the resources or the smarts to round all these folks up and send them packing.

    So why not spend what resources we do have on rounding the criminals and deadbeats ???

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    To the graduates of a bonafide high school who are prepared mentally to enter college to advance themselves and not just going there to party and have a good time,it could work.

    But in the real life after the experience of higher learning and then finding out that they could not cut the mustard because they were slackers and quiters,then the loan debt would be on the American public when they reneg on those government grants,or worst yet the for profit universities.

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