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    New York , shotgun homosexual marriage

    gay marriage has been legalized in New York.

    the bill got some conservative votes because law makers threatened to pass an unconstitutional bill that would threaten churches for not allowing same-sex marriage.

    people never learn , you can never compromise with evil.
    the laws against churches are coming sooner or later anyways.

    even i , as a conservative religious libertarian admit that traditional legal marriage is doomed, because the government should have never been involved, no way , no how.
    once the government got involved, then the homos had too much of a foothold to claim a "civil rights" issue, which it's not, because the law has always been defined by the public.

    they have shown their true nature, they attempted to unconstitutionally threaten churches, showing that they will push their agenda with total disregard for the law.

    welcome to modern America folks, no morals, no values, laws are written by the highest bidder.
    ...a shining beacon of of indecent exposure for the whole world to see , the exact opposite of why the nation was founded.

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    What kind of threat against Churches?

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    Sounds like you don't like gay people, wolfie.
    KX500......the original big green meanie

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    Both of my wives think this is a positive step in the right direction.
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