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    basic a/c question - troubleshooting old lennox

    I am a mechanic in the Air Force, so have abilities, just not familiar with home a/c units. Got home today and the a/c fan was not working, thinking it could be starting capacitor, not sure. have 120 on both lines coming into contactor. should this closes the contacts and supply voltage through the contactor. that is my guess. hope someone could help.
    Unit - Lennox
    Model - HS9-411-1

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    Bad news for you is that DIY is not allowed on this site for legal reasons.
    Just like you need to be certified in the AF to work on certain equipment so you do not damage or destroy the asset the same goes with your home unit. Ask your neighbors on who they trust as a reliable co. and have them send out a tech.
    For the safety of you and your equipment

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    thanks anyway

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