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Do anyone know how to make GOOD liver pate' ?
there is whole bunch of them... but you gotta have the right tools, that is a terrine - best - or a small enameled cast iron pot (Creuset) and, very important, the "four spices" (Quatre épices)

I dont know if you see in the pic, the terrine has a small hole to let the steam out.. if you use a pot put a toothpick in btw the pot and lid..

This is my fav. I use 4 spices instead of allspice.
Here's to get an idea how is made. (i use bacon slices for wrapping, not that fat). When is done, let it cool a bit and put a weight on top of it for a couple of hours - it gives a nice shape and seals the moisture in - then take out of the pot.

Here's a simple receipe, quite good. Forget about the nutmeg, use 4 spices..
.. here's another one, i didn't try it (i hate curry!)
Well, you get the idea, just experiment... liver is cheap (good cognac is not)

... and the real McCoy but it will cost you an arm and a leg..