Man these guys are so pc anymore.

My youngest and a friend of his went down the street and they had a sign that say help this kids was mugg.

Where we all know kids will be kids and I guess you can say
the cop was doing his job..However back in my days the cop would have gave you some greif and brought you home to mom/dad and lets us deal with it.

Not no more..this guy wrote my son and his friend up on dist the to court in two weeks.

Me being the kind of guy that wonder what makes some of these guys tick..I ask him after the kids went in the house,what ever happen to giving the kids a warning and letting the parents take care of such trival stuff as of this.

His reply I will not even bore you with..however the more I spoke with him the more I began to realize this guys has no clue about kids and properly does not have any.

So before I could start getting into a debate with this fine gentleman my wife gave me the look, that look all wife give their husband when she know her husband about to
open his mouth and make a ass out of himself.

So being I know that look well.. I thank the guy and went into the house.

Man can't even be a kid anymore..I warn them not to ring any doorbells,or kick over any trash can,and to never ever
to the brown bag doorbell trick.