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    I would like to know the reasoning behind the techs supplying tools
    OTHER THAN its the way its always been.
    I mean why? you don't see white collar jobs this way

    office work personel...... . must supply own desk, computor, fax machine cell phone etc.
    not an add you are likely to see.

    so why is it expected no demanded that we have to supply the tools.

    yes I know if you supply it you will take better care of it
    but the question remains why is it expected that we supply the tools? - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

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    Most trades do. A carpenter supplies his hammer. I know bad example.

    Electricians supply their hand tools, plumbers as well.

    With my company the tech supplies hand tools, I supply everything else. It is all part of being a tradesmen, or a craftsmen. At least that is my take on it.

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    You already answered your own question...because you will take better care of them, and you won't lose them knowing you will have to pay to replace them because it does get expensive.
    Besides don't you like having your own tools?

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    Relate this to the auto industry.

    Mechanics have to buy SEVERAL tools, not to mention the specialty tools that one certain vehicle requires.

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    This sounds lke another union vs non union thread, in most unions you will be required to have about 300.00 dollars worth of hand tools, a basic set of simple tools, everything else will be bought by the company. I think non union requirements vary from place to place, but few of them buy everything as the union shops do.

    And even though I am technically required to maintain a set of handtools (300.00 worth), The company I work for prefers that we just don't put any personal tools on our truck so that when there is a discrepancy ( truck stolen ) they know everything on the truck is theirs. So yes I think it is ridculous for an HVAC serviceman or installer to supply his own tools. Why don't you just buy the material for the job while your at it? Isn't it the same thing ? Isn't the customer paying the company for their ability their equipment their material and their insurance? Why should you pay for it the customer is paying for that stuff, Just another example of another union benefit that gets swept under the rug by the anti union party.

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    I am supplied every tool that I need by the company. We are not allowed to have our own tools on our vans.

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    When I worked with the union, we all had the same set of tools
    or real close (tool list) anything above and beyond that list was supplied by the contractor we were working for

    also when the employer bought the tooling for the job , he was assured that everything that needed to be , was calibrated.

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    I'd rather buy my tools and know they are taken well care of and for the fact that they are mine.

    This goes for any profession I would choose to work in.
    Get back to work.

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    So lets say you were a laborer doing road construction, making about 50K a year, you wouldn't mind investing several hundred thousand dollars into a paving machine ?

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    I'm required to supply my own hand tools or any off-the-wall tools I want to carry.It's not a bad deal though.If anything breaks or wears out,the company replaces it with an exact tool.It's worth the one time expense to me to know the quality of tools I have verses what the company would choose to supply.
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    Originally posted by The Penguin

    I mean why? you don't see white collar jobs this way

    I have an uncle that is white collar and he has to supply his own lap top digital camera and cell phone

    And he is close to the top of the corporate ladder

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    Why are you not allowed to have anything of your own?

    I have never heard of that before.

    It would be nice in a way, but what if you want something and they won't buy it?

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    I have about $5,000 worth of my own tools and meters in my service van. My employer pays all maintenance/replacement costs for them, including new batteries for my Dewalt set.
    About $1500 of it is instruments he purchased for me, but they are my property now.
    Recovery machine, vacuum pump, and torch belong to the company, the rest is all mine.

    I have a friend who is an auto mechanic, he has ~$40,000 worth of tools for his work, and I make more money than him...
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