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    028 Faction.

    I listen to the comedy stations when there are talk shows on Faction I don't want to hear. I also have the option to listen to the many, many football games, along with a butt load of sports related stations. They just recently added a bunch of channels, including two for Stern.
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    I "grew up" in the 70's so that's where my musical interest is, I'm also lookiing forward to the Stern show uncensored at last. Do you have a P+P docked at home? If so, any reception tips?

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    I have the portable plug and play. It's great for the jobsites. That's the main reason why I bought it.

    I had the home adapter too. When I put the antenna outside, I wasn't able to get a reception on that side of the house. If I use the portable and move the antenna to the kitchen window, I get reception. So I took the home kit back and just listen to it on the portable in the house...although it doesn't sound as good. I listen to it online too when I'm on the comp.

    My car stereo is Sirius ready, so all I need is a Clarion radio tuner. That and another subscription fee...which is given at a discount if you have an existing one. I've been thinking about it lately. I'll probably give in soon.
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