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Thread: Another teaser

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    I always enjoyed this one:

    3 men stop at a hotel for the night and each asks for a room. The hotel owner says "that's $10 each". So they each pay their $10 (total $30) and go up to their rooms (this must be an old teaser at these prices!). The owner then feels guilty and tells his bellhop, "hmmm, I charged them a little too much for these rooms. Here, take $5 and give it back to them". As the bellhop walks up the stairs, he's thinking "gee, how am I going to split up $5 among 3 people?". So he pockets $2 and gives each man $1 back.

    So now, the men have paid $27 for their rooms (3 times $9) and the bellhop got another $2. Where did the other dollar go ?

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    The two dollars the bellhop has is part of the $27 that the three men paid,the remaining three dollars is in the pockets of the three men.

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    We all may have changed ...

    the time convergense field of magnetic flux ...

    Question is wrong, it should be where is the other dollar's, answer is the bellhop has um. Very tricky problem.

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    This one is harder when you ask it verbally (try it on someone). Seeing the numbers written down like that make it quite a bit easier. As you can see, the fallacy is in the explanation at the end, which seems to make some sense when first heard, but you end up noticing that the bellhop's $2 is being counted twice!

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