In today's time if you fall for things that are not authorized, or sponsored by a web page you visit, or you answer a email like that where most anyone can create (member or not or not) you run the risk of being scammed.

I am Not sure why this person is so upset, or why they don't understand that.

At some point they are going to ask for payment somehow, and that is when you run the risk of having your bank account dry up fast, you account will be at 0.00 or overdrawn before you know what hit you.

I like why did you not contact me and ask me if I was a spammer?

I can see it now....

Victim: Sir are you real and are you going to steal money from me?

Spammer: I am real and you can rest assured that I would never steal from you.

then after they run you dry you get a message, thanks!

I like the insults..I guess I got no brains