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Thread: r 410a linesets

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    r 410a linesets

    do you need special linesets for r 410A and also how to do a quick indoor coil sizing per outdoor unit.

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    R410A is just like any other refrigerant (except ammonia) and it requires a copper lineset. Sizing the lineset will be based on the distance between the condenser and the indoor coil. Special considerations are taken into account for efficiency and vertical drops. Its very important to have correct oil return to the compressor.

    Generally the tonnage of the outdoor coil is the same as the indoor coil although it's not uncommon to match a larger evaporator with a smaller condenser. You will get slightly more capacity from the condensing unit and higher efficiencies because there is more evaporator surface.

    You will run risk freezing your smaller evaporator up if you pair it with a larger condenser.

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