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    Growing Pains on this job

    Wow, have a three person field crew, and I am 33% of it. Two of us are on call every other week and all are doing service calls, installs, and P.M.'s out of our trucks. Sales guys (two) are hitting it pretty hard and are doing good, signing up accounts left and right. General Manager sells too. Our boss is wearing these hats all at once: Project Manager, Operations Manager, & Service Manager. We have met goals for hiring another tech, and are looking for a chiller specialist.

    It is a challenge to keep things in order in the van! Any hints or techniques or suggestions ? I have to empty the thing every week and be really anal about sorting out the extra hardware, etc. It is a major pain to have to shift to P.M.'s before an installation is done, then a trouble/emergency call comes in. . . great to have work, and the company is not even advertising or promoting, all thru contacts, word of mouth, referrals.
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    Do your service work out of the van. Get an enclosed trailer that you can pull behind any of your service vehicles for installs. Glad to hear work is going good. Word of mouth is the best way. Just my personal belief.

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