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    you have along rocky road ahead of you to overcome the
    previous track record of those before you. in theory the freus
    is a good idea but in real time the maint. doesnt get done properly
    & water treatment gets overlooked etc. & its all downhill
    from there. good luck in your venture.
    by the way proper maintainence does not get done in 20 min.
    even by superwoman.

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    Greetings! I've hit your site many times because I like others, own / use a Freus. And since I can't afford to change it out, I'll continue to use it until it just dies. I do try to take very good care of it especially when it comes to water quality and sediment. My pump, the one that pushes the water throughout the cooler is going bad. I have a system that houses (2) units. Anyone know what type and where I might find a replacement? Plus, thanks for all your prior posts, they've helped me become a Jr. Expert

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    i just inherited an account that has 6 of these things & will
    be starting to clean things up next week. at this point the coils
    still cleanable but told customer to get ready to start changing
    out units & we will save as many parts as we can to try & keep
    the other units running as long as possible.
    i had fired this customer a few years ago because of the office
    manager & now they end up with this crap on their bldg. because of
    the energy savings they were told to expect. told the new manager
    to come on the roof to watch their savings go down the drain along
    with the scale.

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    Glad to see some current postings regarding these units. Just purchased a house in Vegas that has 3 of them, and have been working to get them up to speed. When they work, they are great. But... they do take maintenance. Good thing I like working on stuff. So far, replaced 2 fans, 2 pumps, 1 cap, 1 sequencer, 1 delay timer.

    I have 2 of the units torn down now to clean the nozzles and the coils. Found one of the water manifolds completely clogged with deposits. Had to saw it in half and use a 1" drill to clean out the insides.

    At least 50% of the nozzles on both units were completely clogged. CLR and a little elbow grease got them back and functional. Previous owner indicates he was pretty regular in his cleaning practices ( twice/yr). However, in Vegas the water is hard, and I believe you have to really get into the units to be successful cleaning.

    My little electric Power Washer was able to clean up the coils on the smaller ( 3 ton) unit, but the 5 ton I'm working on now has a pretty good coating on it ( at least on the half where the nozzles were not plugged). Tried a more powerful gas powered pressure washer today, with little success. Tried using CLR full strength on the coils that were bad. Let it sit for a few hours, but still no luck with the bigger pressure washer. Running it now with some more de-scaler in the water to see if it will help loosen it up.

    Any other suggestions on my approach to cleaning would be appreciated. I know eventually these units will likely get replaced with Air Cooled units, but have to keep them alive for now.

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