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    I couldn’t resist. I just had to do this. I think Lady is going to be mad.

    HVAC Talk Addiction Levels

    Level 1

    Computer: Pentium II
    Computer Time: <1H
    Replies : <100
    Forum answers: Lurks
    Food and Beer: At frig in kitchen
    Vacation w/Family: Always
    Friends: Many
    Wife and family: Happy
    Attitude: Pleasant

    Level 2

    Computer: Laptop
    Computer Time: >1H
    Replies : >100
    Forum answers: Answers some questions
    Food and Beer: Small cooler in office
    Vacation w family: Sometimes
    Friends : Some
    Wife and family:Concerned
    Attitude: Still Pleasant

    Level 3

    Computer: Laptop with WiFi or satellite uplink in Service van
    Computer Time: >4H
    Replies : >500
    Forum answers: Answers most questions
    Food and Beer: Large frig in office
    Vacation w Family: Rarely
    Friends : Few
    Wife and family: Annoyed
    Attitude: Abusive to newbies

    Level 4

    Computer: Krell
    Computer Time: Maxed out won’t let kids on
    Replies : 2500+
    Forum answers: Anticipates questions has answers ready
    Food and Beer: Frig, Freezer, Microwave in office
    Vacation w Family: Never
    Friends : All virtual
    Wife and family:Consulting Attorney, Filing for divorce
    Attitude: Abrasive to all who don’t know everything about HVAC

    Level 5

    HVAC God
    Learning is a lifelong process

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    No doubt about it., and ye shall find;..
    So always seek the Truth, not just what you want to believe to be true…
    Ecclesiastes 10:2 NIV

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    Originally posted by mattm
    yeah it is.
    Hey cockroach, don't bug me! ©

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