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    What a mess.

    But, that might be worth the price of admission.
    Life goes on long after the thrill of living is gone.

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    Yo.... Here!, I'm right here..

    Re: Re: Does this mean.......

    Originally posted by pjs
    Originally posted by icemeister
    that Don doesn't have to do daily computer system maintenance at 6:45AM every day.....precisely when I'm in the middle of my 90 second Cool Cwiz game?

    yeh I hear ya Same here

    same time same station ah I mean quiz kind a keeps ya regular


    James and Dice both need the money cause they spend soooo much time here, they only get $1.59 for every post, that's why their post numbers are sooo high. I think they are long distance butt buddies

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    I hope everything goes well.

    I'm already feeling the pain! Oh wait, I wasn't addicted, that was someone else!

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    Originally posted by James 3528
    Why strip bars ice machines can only be worked on at night.
    I wrote 1000 words or less on this about three years ago.

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    Hey I just read that and I only have a little over an hour to prepare
    Dog gone it I knew I shouldn’t have gone to work today
    Oh well I guess if I have no choice I can just huddle in a corner and wait
    Just so you know this may classify as cruel and unusual punishment

    Ok I have calmed down, whatever you have to do to make the site better I can deal with it

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    Re: Re: Dice and I want

    Originally posted by senior tech
    Originally posted by James 3528
    our own section. This will be by membership only at a small charge.

    We will talk about things you won't see in the corny and boring news letter.

    Like fluffing up bills.

    Knowing when to tell a customer to go pound sand up their as*

    Charging in accordance to what kind of car is in the driveway.

    The single woman's heat pump and why it needs extra care.

    Begging for ice water.

    Why strip bars ice machines can only be worked on at night.

    How to pee in the back yard.

    You are too much...way too much...this is top notch comedy material...I believe you missed your true calling.
    Sometimes, it's just there at my keyboard. It would be a good idea.

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    Hey cockroach, don't bug me! ©


    Bring Em Home....

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