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Thread: TX TDLR part 2

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    I am curious if I am missing something.

    When we got our license, I remember the state saying a license holder can only run one business under that license. I dunno, maybe I am wrong.

    I am seeing several companies buy up other companies or start up additional companies to create its own competition. They run all of them off of one state license number. They keep the seperate company names and numbers.

    The odds get better when you have 5 companies that the consumer will call one of them or better yet, call the self made competition to get other bids. Bingo, you just got the job regardless.

    I find this to be very misleading to the consumer and not very ethical.

    Anyone experience this and know about how the state looks at this kind of business?

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    Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 75.70.
    "Responsibilities of the Licensee and the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contracting Company "

    This spells out the conditions you describe.

    Illegal? Perhaps not.

    Questionable ethics? You be the judge.

    If you file a complaint, be aware the process is a pain. You are required to have proof of claim and be willing for
    everything to be subject to the 'open ecords act'.
    It may not be worth the ride.

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